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Below are the lyrics to many of my original compositions.
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RECENTLY ADDED Songs to be included in CD “The Clarity Project” Songs on CD “Best of Ingrid Heldt”

Missing You
Neversummer Ranch

From the Ocean
If this World Survives
The Water is Wide
What I Have
Spend the Day

(Other Songs co-written by and/or for The Clarity Project are “Feathers” and “I Am” (on Hope Road) and “Mother Earth” (on Beautiful Planet)

Stop the Violence
Another Day
Kwanza Time
Closer Each Day
The First Day

I Believe

Forgive Them
Watching Clouds
Too Many Humans
For Pete and Toshi
Do it Now
Nothing to Fight About
Pete's Banjo
Let It Go
Where is Peace
With Angels


Feathers (see Hope Road)
Living in Paradise (Beautiful Planet)
She Sees God (see Visualize Peace!)
Poetry in Stone (see Tribute to WTC)
To John (see Visualize Peace!)
Congratulations (see Visualize Peace!)
Smiles (see Beautiful Planet)
The Dark Before the Dawn (see VP)
Soon … Peace (see Visualize Peace!)
Dance Away (see Love Matters)
Too Soon (see Love Matters)
Check the Box (see Love Matters)
GTI Commercial
The Time is Now (see Love Matters)

Songs from Benefit CD for the Allen Safe House Project Songs from CD “Beautiful Planet” Songs from CD “Hope Road” Songs from CD “Visualize Peace!”

Thunder Being
There’ll Come a Day
I am
Oh Freedom
Carry it On
Your Kingdom Must Come Down
Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody
Chey Chey Coolay

Living in Paradise
God and the River
Come to the Sea
Mother Earth
It Takes One
Let the River Flow
Dear Mr. President
The Morning After
Somewhere in the Middle
Planet Earth
Beautiful Planet

As the Crow Flies
I Am
Soon We Will Have Peace (7 languages)
Thank You
The River
Think About These Things
Lift Your Eyes
Keep Singing
We Are One
Hope Road
To John
The Dark Before the Dawn
Peace Will be Ours
She Sees God
Find a Way
War No More
We Can Change
Raise Your Voice
Where is the Soul
Soon We Will Have Peace
Songs from CD “Love Matters” Songs from Mini CD “Tribute to the World Trade Center” Songs to be included in coming CD “Skies Unite” Other:
The Time is Now
Dance Away from Me
Check the Box !
Land of Love
The Real Thing
Don’t You Wish We Could Get Away
Only a Phone Call Away
Ticket to Knoxville
Don’t Give up on Love
Too Soon
Love Matters
Chrome, Crystal and Glass
We Will Always Remember You
Poetry in Stone
The Candy Bombers
Walls Divide
My Greatest Victory
Blinded By His Eyes
Sixteen Boys
Some Kind of Hero

Hope Sleeps (not yet posted – by John Flynn about Anne Frank)
Children of War (not yet posted – by Sharleen Leahey)
Waiting for Winter
Chase the Butterfly
Take it Back
Over the Rainbow
My Human Mother
Softly, Gently
The American Dream
Freedom – To Me
Tell Me Why Why Why
The Day our Children Died
The Real World

Under 21
Each One – Reach One
It’s a Rat Race
You Are
Clear Water
Someone in Your Life

Is Anybody Home?
In the Morning
We Listen to Country
Cowboy Boots in Concrete Canyons

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