Soon We Will Have Peace (7 languages)

[My Dad was temporarily arrested in 1945 for shouting across the street:
“Bald haben wir endlich Frieden” – “Soon we will finally have Peace”]

Soon we will have Peace
Soon we will have Peace
Soon we will have Peace
In a world of Peace.

(Hebrew by Jakob Balshan:)
Bemhera yavo Shalom x 3
Beolam shel Shalom.

(Arabic by Siham Alfred:)
An Kareeb Sannanamu BiSalam x 3
Fi Alamus Salam.

(Spanish b Michelle Weinstat and Hilda Miranda:)
Pronto tendraimos Paz x 3
En un mundo de Paz.

(French by William DuAime:)
Tout le monde aim la Paix x 3
Bientot on aura la Paix.

(Mandarin Chinese by Amy Lee Segami and Lee Pin Stoever:)
Wah-mun ya chorr-peen x 3
Tsai ee-gore chor-peen shut J’ai.

Peace begins when we visualize it.
Peace begins when we realize
We can change, we can understand.
We can reach out to our fellow man
In every land.

(German by my Dad, Carl Friedrich L
Bald wird Friede sein x 3
in der ganzen Welt.

In a world of Peace.

©  2006  Ingrid Heldt