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Clearwater remembers the Legendary Pete Seeger:
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The Link on September 11, 2014

Ocean Grove friend of Pete Seeger's to perform at Clearwater:
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Article about NJ Friends of Clearwater’s 38th Annual Festival in 2013 by Elliot Stephen Cohen
Article about NJ Friends of Clearwater’s Song Circle and Ingrid Heldt by Elliot Stephen Cohen

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Reviews for the Coming CD "WALLS DIVIDE (GROWING UP GERMAN)"

Dave Davies of The Kinks:

“She's got a beautiful voice, she can sing.”

Rebecca Wilson, Dave Davies’ Manager:

 “I think she sings like an angel.”

Willie Nile, Musician:

I listened through a couple of times.

It's a beautiful collection.  I really enjoyed listening to it and reading her notes.

The songs, the vibe, her beautiful voice, all of it.  There's an innocence and a purity to it that's moving and uplifting.  It's clearly heartfelt and easy to connect with.

Reviews for the Coming CD "WALLS DIVIDE (GROWING UP GERMAN)":

Gail (Hal) Halvorsen – American Pilot during the Berlin Airlift – the original “Candy Bomber”:

Dear Ingrid,

Can't tell you what a wonderful story you tell from the Berlin Airlift to 9/11!!   What a unique piece.   Your voice is fantastic.
The neat part for me is that you weave in my relationship with the kids.  I am making copies for my kids.  … I am glad that you mentioned my Commander, Lucius Clay…

I leave for Frankfurt next week to give a presentation at the Lufthansa Airline celebration of 100 years of Cargo Operations.  They are flying me over.  They have asked for my movies from 1948/49 and some music.  I have already sent them your draft recording of "The Candy Bombers".

Gotta run.  May send my schedule.

Grateful Gail

Norman Ward – British Pilot during the Berlin Airlift:

I stayed on Obersalzberg this week. … [Since 1972, the] authorities have removed all traces of what was. … I’m glad that you’re making an effort to let history live on as it happened.  I especially like your song “Sixteen Boys.”

Reviews for the CD "LOVE MATTERS"

Lenora Rose, Green Man Review, July 2003:

This is not modern folk music.  It’s a lovely album in the style of pre-rock pop, influenced by some modern singers, but just as often influenced by jazz.  But for the electric nature of the background, most of the songs could have been recorded in the forties.  Her vocal style, too, while high and beautiful, has an old feel, as if someone had magically stripped the scratches and crackle from an ancient record.  It’s not a polished gem of a voice, but a ‘burrs in the sweater’ voice, lovely in part because it has a mild creak.

Even the optimism and sentiment of the album feel ‘retro’ – even the most tender of modern musicians, like Yasmine White, \still have a hint of an edge, a dark realism.  Ingrid Heldt is far more optimistic, an unashamed dreamer, a romantic.  The album title is a warning for the cynics; they may find her romantic view too cloying.  Yet a closer listen, or a look at the lyric insert, shows an undercurrent in many songs; of death, of departure of the brevity of time.  The romanticism is there, but it is there in conscious resistance of the bleakness of our world.

The opening track, “The Time Is Now” is about learning not to put off love, or living, because of the busy day to day schedule.  The second is a melancholy farewell to a lover, which felt like it needed a fuller arrangement, perhaps orchestral, to be best presented.  It’s one of the few places the burr in her voice shows up to the song’s detriment.  “Land of Love” is a slightly creepy tune, that seems to be about dreams versus reality, with a surprisingly effective keyboard building the atmosphere.  Whether the creepiness is intentional, or my own experience colouring the piece, I don’t know.

“The Real Thing” and “Too Soon” are paeans to folk already dead and gone.  As for the songs between, that’s one of the biggest weaknesses of the album; the strongest works are at the beginning and the close of the album, and the centre of the album is moderate – pleasant, but not exciting.  Of course, the single track that actually annoys me is “Check the Box!”, a song that Ingrid remarks in the liner notes was a lot of fun to collaborate on.  It does sound like a song that was fun to write, but the humour palls after just one listening, and it soon becomes a candidate for the skip button.

Ingrid appears to perform the entire album solo, though other songwriting credits are included.  This is very possible; the majority of the album is done with keyboards and piano – including the rhythm section, I suspect.  However, while I am usually very critical of electric keyboards, Ingrid Heldt designs her music to suit the instrument available, and plays to its strengths, instead of using it as a replacement for the other instruments.

On my first listen, I thought this album was pleasant, but too soft, too sweet.  But every subsequent listen reveals new depths, and I enjoy it more at each encounter.

[About seven years later, we happened to stumble across Lenora’s Website to find that she chose “The Time is Now” as her “Song of the Month.”]


Nicky Rossiter, Rambles, May 3, 2003:

Ingrid Heldt has a clear, crystal voice that gives her songs an entrancing beauty.  All of the tracks on this album are written or co-written by Heldt and have a feeling of songs written from the heart.

“Dancing Away from Me” is a beautiful sad song of a woman knowing that she is losing her lover.  She recalls that old chestnut when we say each is free to choose but when breaking up comes we realise we never meant those words.
“Only a Phone Call Away” is another excellent song encapsulating feelings that all of us have experienced at some time in life.  How many of us saying goodbye to relatives, family or friends have used that line to reassure them and us that we are never too far away if we find the need to reconnect?

“Too Soon” sounds almost like a hymn and I suppose given the subject matter, written for a friend who died, it could well be.  The production truly suits the song and it is one of those songs that can raise hairs on the back of your neck.
Another song from the writer’s heart is “Love Matters,” a tribute to those mothers, fathers, teachers and friends who work so hard to make a difference to other people’s lives.  As she says, it can only be done for love not any other reward.
This is a very personal collection of songs that tell us a lot about the writer, her friends, her world and her feelings.  Heldt sings them with real feeling and they deserve a wider audience.


Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews, Wyoming, MI:

"Singer, songwriter, author and photographer Ingrid Heldt has proved once again that some of us are blessed beyond words. The proof is her new and wonderful album, Love Matters.

All of the twelve original compositions will enter your heart and psyche (as they did mine) with thoughts and ideas that raise your level of awareness of the possible.

. . . Love Matters is a wake up call to rediscover that love is why we are here. Ingrid Heldt delivers this call, not like an alarm clock, but instead . . . softly, smoothly and with love. . . .heavenly voice."


Best Video, Music, Book Reviews by Mindquest Recommendations:

Twelve unforgettable songs always with the theme that love is the most important treasure in the world.  The poetic beauty of the words, the message behind the message, and a rich but gentle voice serves up a feast of heart and soul enjoyment...  Beautiful music with insightful, penetrating lyrics...  An exceptional CD due to its insight, beauty, and originality.


Jean Munzer, International Lecturer, former Director, Metaphysical Center of NJ:

I play your CD each time I am in my car.  It's such a joy to listen to.  I keep discovering additional insights in the songs.


J.L. Bueno, 80 FM, Cadiz, Spain:

"I would like to thank you for sending me the excellent CD. . . You sound great! . . . This album is full of extremely interesting music and I enjoy it very much. I want you to know that I will definitely keep up spreading the word about you amongst my listeners and I will keep featuring your music . . . keep me informed about any new CD."

Reviews for the CD / VIDEO  "Tribute to the World Trade Center"

Willie Nile, Musician:

Simply beautiful.  Listened to it a number of times.


Claire Wilbur, Oscar-winning, documentary film maker:

"I have seen many beautiful videos–this is my absolute favorite...seldom heard tragedy reflected with such beauty...voice of an angel..."


Allen Foster, Songwriter's Monthly:

"Reverent and respectful, a true heart-felt tribute...a classic."


The Rev. Sherrie Boyes Dobbs, NJ District Superintendent, the United Methodist Churches:


Jean Munzer, International Lecturer, former Director, Metaphysical Center of NJ:

"This commemoration of the World Trade Center will help the healing process."  

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