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Ingrid Heldt is a New Jersey-based singer-songwriter who also works as a photographer and author.

Her father was a local DJ, and she always ended up in front of a mike, singing.

She began writing songs during the first workshop given by Bob Gibson, a fan of Pete Seeger’s who - from being a collector of folk songs - turned into a major participant in the folk music revival of the 1960s.

Twelve years ago, she met the legendary Pete Seeger and, for more than ten years, she has had the privilege of “learning from the best” by singing with him - she estimates - over a hundred times.

Through Seeger's influence, she became the Vice President of New Jersey Friends of Clearwater, which shares Pete's vision of protecting the environment, while keeping the spirit of music - folk and other - alive and well.  

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Ingrid with Pete Seeger

Photo: Elliot Stephen Cohen

Its annual Festival has attracted esteemed performers such as Bruce Springsteen and Oscar Brand, as well as many local performers.

She runs a monthly Circle of Song, based on the ones organized by Seeger in Beacon, New York, not far from the home he built and lived in since the late 1940s.

Ingrid’s vocals have been compared with Judy Collins and Joan Baez.  She has released numerous CDs, including Beautiful Planet, Hope Road, Visualize Peace !, and Tribute to the World Trade Center.

As part of the newly-formed Clarity Project, she has been writing songs and performing with rock-pop singer-songwriter Dale Lakata and drummer-songwriter Isis Ra.

She is very involved in her music and photography, her volunteer activities, her work on several books and her life near the ocean on the Jersey Shore, with her beloved cat, Sir Gregory.  When asked about her life, she states, "I'm at a point where I can finally devote myself to my passions.  I've never been happier."

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